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Improve the way you work, discover a new tool and drop the hassle once and for all.
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Unlimited product imports
Unlimited brand collaborations
Real-time inventory
sync ups
Revenue split automation
Instant order relay to brand partner
Partner management tools
Advance performance reporting
Unique brand discovery
Budget tracking
No setup or hidden fees
Only pay when you sell.
+ 30 cents per sale
No credit card required.
Cancel at any time.
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Large payment volume
High value transactions
Volume discounts
Unique business model
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Commonly Asked Questions

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Is there a fee to sign up?
There is no fee to sign up! We work on a commission basis, so we only make money when you do. We take a 2.9% commission on each transaction from the retailer side. Brands are not charged because we want to make it easier to supply the most original and game-changing products we can.
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When do I pay?
You only pay when you make a sale! Once you make a sale, you will be invoiced the cost of the item sold as per your partnership revenue split terms.
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What POS systems are Matagora integrated with?
We are currently fully integrated with Shopify and Lightspeed, and have plans to integrate with more platforms in the future!
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Why would I need a custom pricing package?
If your dropship-powered store is selling super well we would be more than happy to negotiate our pricing model to fit your needs. Or if you have any other unique needs specific to your business model, we are always open to suggestions.
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How does my brand partner get my order details?
You can set it as automatic, so that your brand partner gets your customers order details right away. Or you can set it as manual and communicate the details on your own schedule.
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Do you guarantee that products are in stock?
The core of our business is our ability to offer true real-time inventory sync between stores. As long as your brand partner maintains their inventory on Shopify, you can rest assured that you will be able to fulfill all your orders.
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